Wilson Pro Staff 95S - The Pro Staff 95 S combines classic performance with a 16 x 15 string pattern that generates increased spin and a heavier ball for the highest control Spin Effect model. This Spin model also has a thinner beam for more control. Designed to be the ultimate 'Attacker' racket, the new Pro Staff line is suited for a variety of attack-style players. – 313g


Wilson Burn ULS - Light spin racquet which is perfectly weighted for strong beginners, rising juniors and improving intermediates. This racquet’s Carbon Fiber base material keeps the response firm and lively. From the baseline this racquet’s sub 10 ounce weight makes it perfect for improving players. – 295g


Wilson Federer Team 105 - Inspired by the great Roger Federer, the Federer Team 105 offers a phenomenal level of playability to beginner and intermediate level players. The large hitting surface is not only comfortable and stable, but it provides a lively platform for making clean contact. From the baseline this racquet will give strong beginners and intermediate players the ability to achieve easy depth. A great option for those who want a nice balance of power and control. – 289g 


Wilson Pro Staff 97 S -  Supreme combination of precision and spin with classic performance and traditional feel. - 310g 


Dunlop Force 100 -  This Racquet is easy to generate power from the baseline and easy to generate power at the net. The Dunlop Force 100 has a big sweetspot and most importantly - power! – 295g


Prince 107T – This Racquet has a game improvement frame that is ideal for players with shorter, slower strokes who want help generating power. It also provides good control and exceptional feel from almost everywhere on the court. – 318g


Dunlop Force 105 - The Force 105 is perfect for intermediate players who want a light and powerful racket that offers easy access to spin. From the baseline the Force 105 provides easy depth on medium length strokes. – 285g


Drone Tour 100 -  The Drone Tour 100 is perfect for the player who wants great all-around performance in a very affordable package. With its light weight, this racket offers easy acceleration spin and power. Players looking for a light and user-friendly racquet should give this racket a serious look. This racket should also work very well for rising juniors or less experienced adults who want to transition into a performance frame at a very affordable cost. – 284g


Yonex VCORE SV -  Players looking for an easy to use racquet with an excellent combination of power and spin should look into this racquet. This Racquet is versatile and suits many different playing styles. – 318g



5-6 yrs Wilson Rodger Federer – 21” The Roger Federer 21" tennis racquet the perfect choice for juniors beginning to learn to play tennis who want a light weight racquet that is easy to swing


5-6 yrs Wilson Juice – 21” This Racket is the perfect step up from the 19” racket or if your child is just starting tennis. It also comes in 2 colours, pink and blue. 



2-4 yrs Head Radical Junior Series – 19” The Radical Jr. series helps children to start their tennis journey in the most comfortable way. The aluminum racquet features the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for fewer vibrations. The Radical 19 is perfect for kids between 2 and 4 years who want to play as versatile as Andy Murray.


9-10yrs Wilson Juice – 25” This racket brings good power and consistency but is also very light in weight and easy to handle.


2-4 yrs Wilson – 19” Are your kids interested in playing tennis or you just want them to try the sport for a little recreation? Either way, they’ll need a safe and reliable tennis racquet to start with. The Wilson US Open Junior tennis racket is a great racket for kids to try tennis for the first time.