Junior Tennis Coaching at Saint Edmunds School, Hindhead

Go Tennis will not be running tennis from January, but will resume in the Summer Term.  Tennis lessons at school are in groups of 6 maximum.  Lessons will cover technique and tactical aspects of tennis through drills, games and match practice.  Group sessions take place at the following times, private lessons can be arranged on request £35 per hour.  Sessions can only take place during the allocated games session on a Friday and students will have to make a choice between doing tennis, golf or judo.
Group coaching £72 for the 8 week course. - Forms 1 + 2: Friday 3.30-4.30pm - Forms 3 + 4: Friday 1.10-2.10pm - Forms 5 + 6 Friday 11.10am-12.10pm - Forms 7 + 8 Friday 12.10-1.10pm - Forms 9, 10 + 11 Friday 2.10-3.10pm
We will run 8 sessions and any lessons lost to bad weather will be made up at the end of term.
To book please complete the form below and make payment either through worldpay when you click submit or by arrangement with childcare vouchers.

This booking form is for Summer Term 2021.