Head Coach
Jasper Allen



Tennis has been a massive part of my life since my parents sent me along to my first class at 6 years old. Over the years tennis has taught me great discipline, sportmanship to win and lose gracefully, to have a healthier more active lifestyle and has given me life long friends along the way. 

More importantly Tennis has given me the drive and passion to make it my full time profession. In 2005 I qualified as an LTA Performance coach and it's from here that i was inspired to adapt the way i could teach both adults and children. 

My belief is that an individual is more likely to improve their own competence if they are coached in a fun, safe environment.  Teaching techniques should be adapted to make it easy to learn.  No one thrives or improves if they feel they 'can't do it'.  You never stop learning on how to play and i never stop being inspired on how to coach.

Tennis is a truly amazing sport that can and should be enjoyed by everyone.